Submitted by Andrew on Mon, 09/08/2021 - 15:26
The New SunPower Performance 3 AC Solar Panels

New to the market, the SunPower Performance 3 AC panels can pass power straight to your home.

These panels include a factory in-built microinverter, which regulates the panel independent of the rest of the system, and converts the electricity to AC before passing it directly to your home.

This presents a unique opportunity for homeowners with small or unconventionally shaped roofs, who want to reap the benefits of solar.

As each panel acts as its own system, new installation opportunities open up for homeowners with small or oddly shaped roofs.

This allows for far more customisable solar installations than what can be achieved with conventional panel systems, allowing for more panels to be placed on smaller roofs, or even upon rooftops that would not otherwise be able to utilise a solar energy system.

Shaded roofs can now have solar too.

With the included microinverter, it doesn’t matter if one panel suffers intermittent shading, adverse conditions, or even damage, it will not affect the rest of the system as each panel operates independently to the others.
It also avoids energy bottlenecks.

In your typical solar energy system, solar energy is collected by solar panels as DC electricity, then converted into AC by the inverter for use in your home. This can result in a bottleneck, as all the energy generated by your system must pass through your inverter in order to be used in the home. The SunPower Performance 3 AC panels in-built microinverter resolves this issue.

What our CEO has to say about it.

“We see AC Panel designs as being a major step forward in making solar energy more attainable for every home around Australia, and Sunpower is leading the charge on that front. With a 25-year on-roof product warranty and systems that can adapt to any weather condition, going solar has never been easier” Single concluded.

So, if you’ve been considering going solar, but weren’t sure if you had a rooftop suited to it, why not give our team a call on 1300 670 531 or enquire below to see if the SunPower Performance 3 AC, or its brother, the SunPower 5 AC, could be the right choice for your rooftop.