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SolarEdge Home: Revolutionising Your Home

In an era marked by evolving energy needs and a pressing focus on sustainability, SolarEdge Home has emerged as the ultimate solution for homeowners seeking a comprehensive renewable energy ecosystem. With benefits that extend beyond traditional solar energy systems, SolarEdge Home offers a range of advantages that address the increasing demands of modern households. This blog will explore why SolarEdge Home has become more important than ever and how it is revolutionising home energy.


Home Energy Transformation in Australia:

As gas is gradually phased out, Australian homes need alternative energy sources to fill the void. SolarEdge Home steps in as a reliable and efficient solution to meet the increasing energy demands of homeowners across the country. By harnessing the power of renewable energy, SolarEdge Home enables households to contribute to a cleaner and greener future.       

Rising Energy Usage and Electrification:

The electrification of our lives has led to a significant upsurge in energy consumption. Larger homes, the proliferation of electronic devices, and the rise of electric vehicle (EV) charging create a need for a robust energy system that can handle the increased load. SolarEdge Home is specifically designed to meet these escalating energy demands with a reliable and sustainable energy solution.  It allows homeowners to scale the solar system to meet their needs, store their energy for use at night, and intelligently direct to which appliance needs the solar energy most for the greatest savings.


Escalating Energy Rates and Aging Infrastructure:

With energy rates climbing past $0.50/kWh in some States, the cost of powering homes has never been higher. At $0.50 kWh, a Tesla owner with a 75kWh battery would be paying $37.50 to charge their car!

Combining this with the increasing costs to maintain our aging infrastructure, households are desperately seeking ways to increase their own energy generation. 

SolarEdge Home empowers users to generate and use more clean energy than anyone else, that’s due to their unique architecture which can be broken down into two parts;

Optimised Energy Production with DC Oversizing

  1. Power Optimisation - SolarEdge Power Optimisers turn normal solar panels into smart panels, maximizing the system’s production every second of its life.  The optimisers address constraints such as partial shade, obstructions, and a multifaceted roof that a normal inverter can’t. This means a bigger solar system with higher performance.

  2. DC Coupling Solution – SolarEdge’s unique DC Coupling solution allows for the charging of the SolarEdge Home Battery direct from the solar panels on the home. This provides two distinct advantages.

    1. Avoiding the triple conversion penalty of AC Coupled batteries.         
      Other popular solar storage systems use AC coupling (alternating current), where the DC power generated by the solar panels is converted to AC power through an inverter first before it goes to the battery.  In this situation, solar energy undergoes three conversions before it can be used which is hugely wasteful.  However, with SolarEdge's DC Coupling, the DC power from the solar panels or the battery is only converted once to AC power, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced energy losses.  It is a crucial SolarEdge advantage providing many more days per year of battery usage.  

      DC Coupled

    2. SolarEdge's unique DC oversizing capability allows for the installation of solar panels with a higher total DC power capacity than the inverter's rated AC output power and why is this so important?         
      SolarEdge’s market-leading ability to oversize up to 300% or 22kW means you can potentially triple the DC power of the system to ensure that battery charging (DC power) does not compete with powering the home’s AC appliances or charging an electric vehicle.   This feature means more appliances may run from solar power or multiple batteries may be charged.  It ensures faster battery charging, in all conditions, maximizing the benefits of solar panels. And as the future becomes increasingly electrified, you want to get as much solar on your roof as possible…and that’s where the power optimisers are important.        
      In an AC-coupled battery configuration, powering the home, charging a car and a home battery all compete for the same limited pool of AC solar power and this is bad.       


Why SolarEdge Home Stands Out:

Enhanced Durability and Reliability:      
The latest SolarEdge Home Hub inverters have undergone a comprehensive internal redesign, incorporating high-quality automotive-grade capacitors and components. These advanced capacitors act as shock absorbers for the electrical system, providing improved durability and reliability. They are designed to withstand sudden voltage spikes and other electrical disturbances, ensuring consistent performance even in challenging conditions.

SolarEdge Home Hub inverters offer the broadest range of capabilities in the market while maintaining industry-leading efficiency and warranty terms. These inverters seamlessly integrate with home battery systems, backup power solutions, EV chargers, and smart device management – which is critical for our electrified future. This versatility makes SolarEdge Home Hub inverters a comprehensive and adaptable choice for homeowners who want to power their entire lives with renewable energy.