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Isolator Switch Recalls

A number of DC Isolator switches have been recalled by the Australian Government and if you’ve installed solar power it’s well worth checking your system is not affected.

The DC Isolator switch is an essential solar power system component. It’s responsible for stopping voltage in times when your system needs to be worked on, as well as in emergencies or during blackouts. For solar inverters at a ground level, there will be two feeds connected to the unit for output and input – each of these will typically have an isolator.

There are currently seven DC Isolator switches which have been recalled after being identified as potential fire starters. You can view the complete list here.

The latest DC Isolator model to be recalled is a switch supplied and sold by the company I Want Energy.

The model in question is the HGN4-32DC and is being recalled due to faulty contacts within the device which are a potential fire hazard.

If you’ve installed solar panels, it’s important to check whether your DC Isolator Switch is amongst the recalled list. If it is, it must be changed immediately to avoid a dangerous outcome in the future.

In most cases, you will be able to use our guide to check whether your DC Isolator switch is amongst the recalled models, but if you’re unsure, contact our service department for help.

If your Isolator is not amongst the recalled list, it’s still a good idea to keep an eye on announcements. You can check our website as well as follow us on Facebook and Twitter to help stay abreast of any developments.

Whether you originally installed with Solargain or not, we can assist you to remove your faulty isolator and to replace it with a safe model. Don’t put your home or your safety at risk, be sure your isolator is not a fire hazard.