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Image of newspaper article by Owen Raymond in West Real Estate

Will solar increase the value of your property? Solargain National Sales Manager Mark Stevens explains in the article, 'Sage advice to ensure savings with solar' by Owen Raymond in the weekend's edition of West Real Estate, that the right choice of solar system could increase the value of a home in a number of ways - and that it was important to choose a reputable company. To find out which solar package best suits your property - whether you are a homeowner or investor - give us a call or make an enquiry using the form.

The full text from the article is below;

Sage advice for saving with solar

By Owen Raymond
West Real Estate | 29th April 2023

As communities become increasingly conscious    
of the environmental impact of traditional    
energy sources, and look to save on the cost of    
living, the demand for residential solar power    
continues to rise.    
But just how prevalent is the switch to solar    
in the market, and how is it aff ecting property    
According to The Agency Perth and Team Trolio    
Property Partner Luke Trolio, buyers with a    
preference for properties utilising solar energy    
are becoming more common.    
“Th ere is a large proportion of potential buyers    
who query whether or not the property they are    
enquiring on has solar installed,” Mr Trolio said.    
“It is common to hear this question being asked    
and it reinforces the trajectory of the market in    
terms of becoming more eco-friendly.    
“Th ere lies an intrinsic value for homes with    
solar installation by way of attracting a larger    
buyer network and, of course, providing    
potential cost savings and adding value.    
“It’s difficult to place a monetary figure on    
just how much added value there is but, by    
way of expanding the buyer network, you can    
potentially add thousands to the final sale price.”    
Mr Trolio said he expected demand for solar-capable    
properties to continue to increase in the    
long term.    
Solargain National Sales Manager Mark Stevens    
said the right choice of solar system could    
increase the value of a home in a number of ways.    
“It’s safe to say that a good-quality, decent sized    
system will, most definitely, add value to your    
home,” he said.    
“According to the 2022 Property Seeker Report    
by, 81 per cent of homebuyers    
consider sustainable features in a property to be    
critical or important in their decision-making,    
with 87 per cent of would-be buyers willing to    
pay extra for a home with green features – from    
solar panels and battery storage to efficient    
According to Mr Stevens, solar can also be a    
profit-raising inclusion for investors.    
“There’s even value in installing solar on an    
investment property,” he said. “Fifty-five per cent    
of renters say they would pay up to $10 a week    
more in rent for a property with solar.”    
Mr Stevens said the level of energy savings varied    
from home to home.    
“The savings a solar system delivers depends on    
how much solar power is consumed by the home    
versus how much excess solar is sold to the grid,”    
he said.    
“For example, an average family home with a    
6.6-kilowatt system may only use about 35 per    
cent of the 28-kilowatt per hour solar energy    
generated each day.    
“Despite the low solar feed-in tariff , the annual    
savings achieved would be around $1240 per year    
– most of which is from avoided energy costs.”    
Mr Stevens said it was important to be wary of    
low-quality or poorly installed systems and to    
ensure you were dealing with reputable solar    
companies, which had been certified as New    
Energy Tech Approved Sellers.    
“While investing in solar is widely accepted    
as one of the most sensible investments a    
homeowner can make, just be sure to do your    
research and choose your solar provider wisely,”    
he said.