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simple things you can do to help save the planet

We all know the weather is changing.

Extreme conditions – from blistering heat and wild winds, to freezing cold and flooding seems to be occurring more than ever.

You know that global warming has a lot to do with it, and though you care, you might also feel a little frustrated or powerless about making a change. What can one person do to help save the planet? Actually, quite a lot...

We’ve compiled a list of pollution-punching, emission-crunching techniques you can start doing today to help ensure we’ve still got a planet to call home, tomorrow.

1. Support Green Businesses and Products

You have an incredible amount of power and it’s sitting right in your wallet. Yep, your money and how you spend it, is a great tool for supporting sustainability. Businesses today are more aware of their responsibility to reduce carbon emissions than ever. Whether you’re shopping for insurance, shoes, beauty products, cars or electronics look for businesses that are doing their bit (not just saying they are). 

This includes companies that donate towards a green initiative, use recyclable materials, install solar panels (and other renewable energy products) – and more! 

You can find out this information on business websites, by asking the company directly as well as through online directories like Green Finder.


2. Use Less

Just. Use. Less. 

Most of us require less electricity, less water, less food, less packaging, less petrol, less clothing, less presents… less, well, everything than what we actually consume. Making an effort to consume less not only reduces our impact on the environment, but usually results in saved money too – not to mention the satisfied feeling of a simpler, more fulfilled life. 

Of course, making an effort to reduce your consumption requires a bit of dedication. Focus on each area of your life separately and get the people around you involved too.


3. Install solar

The fact Australian households have access to technology that generates free power from the sun is a very exciting thing. Over 2.5 million Australians are now using the sun to power their homes, a technology, we should remember, that emits no pollution. 

According to a recent report from the (now former) Climate Commission, ‘the rapid uptake of solar PV has already made a contribution to the downward trend in greenhouse gas emissions from Australia’s electricity generation sector.’ 

Installing both solar panels and solar hot water provides an incredible opportunity to make huge savings in pollution and the cost of running your home.


4. Keep Up To Speed

The health of the environment isn’t just critical to our survival; it’s actually a thoroughly interesting topic. From the latest scientific reports, to the contentious agendas of our political leaders – knowing the facts means you’ll make better decisions when it comes time to purchase new products, vote for a new leader and make other important decisions that impact the health of the planet. 

We like the environment section of The Age, as well as, a fantastic one-stop shop for green news, solutions, and product information. 

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