Submitted by Andrew on Tue, 26/04/2022 - 10:10
Solargain and EV Charging

Solargain is adding EV Charging to the repertoire of different renewable products we offer. The latest in home charging options, this range of chargers represents one more step forward down the path towards a totally renewable future.

Why EV Chargers?

Adding Home EV Chargers to our offerings may seem like a bit of an odd duck at first glance, but from our perspective it doesn’t seem so strange.

Solargain has never been a company purely focused on solar energy systems (despite the name), in fact we started out in solar hot water. Now, what we see ourselves as, at our core, is a renewable energy company. In that respect, adding EV chargers to our offerings makes perfect sense.

Now is the time to do it too. Fuel prices are more expensive than they’ve ever been and are only set to continue rising. In comparison, electric vehicles have never been better, their only possible downside is that everyone’s catching on to how amazing they are.

And a home EV charger really does take them to the next level. After all, without one you are subject to the whims of public charging facilities and the prices they choose to put on their charging systems. 

You have to balance your options between the efficiency of a fast-charging spot and the damage fast-charging can do to your system's battery capacity in the long run. Indeed, without one, you will rarely have a full charge, as no one realistically has time to sit at a gas station or supermarket for multiple hours while their vehicle reaches full charge.

But a home EV charger does away with all those disadvantages. You can set your own charging schedule, plugging in your vehicle and forgetting about it when you return home from work, to wake up every morning to a full battery and a vehicle eager to hit the road. 

This will already save you a lot of money, after all, assuming you pay 25c per kW and your vehicle has a 40 kW battery, you’ll be paying a paltry $10 to fully charge it (compared to the $80 - $100 + we’re seeing to refuel traditional vehicles) but where your savings really come to life is when you combine your home EV charger with a solar energy system.

You can set your EV charger to only utilise excess energy from your solar energy system, much like a battery would. This means that charging your vehicle is effectively free! It will however, cause slower charging as it can only charge from available green energy from your system. That, however, is easily overcome as your system can also be set to use energy from your solar as long as it is available, then use energy from the grid to supplement it. 

You can even schedule charging times to take advantage of time of use tariffs from your energy provider, which they are offering more specifically for Electric vehicles. As you can see, there’s any number of ways to use a home EV charger to save you money, so what are you waiting for! If you’d like to learn more about them, click here to see what models we have available, or fill in the form below to get in touch with our team.