Submitted by Andrew on Wed, 16/03/2022 - 09:29
Solargain, Canstar Blue winner, two years running!

For the second year running, Solargain has been given the award for most satisfied customers among solar installers by Canstar Blue, a well recognised and highly respected consumer comparison and review platform. 

We beat out 4 other well known brands in this highly competitive category to win this accolade and also received top marks in a number of other categories including; customer service & advice, performance, installation, and durability.

Organisations like Canstar Blue are vital for consumers, after all, we can sing our own praises all you like, but most consumers shouldn’t take retailers at their own word. Instead, they can rely upon the experiences of other consumers and unbiased comparison sites like Canstar Blue. 

These are especially important in the solar energy industry, where there are a number of big names and a seemingly endless number of popups that all claim they’ll give you the world. Review and information aggregators like Canstar Blue help customers find the companies worth their time. This allows them to make informed decisions and with solar being such a long-time investment, making the right choice is vital. 

Knowing an organisation that gives valid, unbiased advice on critical decisions was willing to give us such an award not just once, but twice in two years, is a massive source of pride for us. We’re always striving to do better and plan to use this award as a springboard to push us to even greater heights.

We do our best to be a knowledge base for our customers and do so in as unbiased a manner as possible, which we like to think is why we took 5 stars for customer service & advice. We said we wouldn’t be resting on our laurels when we were presented this award last year and the fact that we’ve taken it again this year, as well as getting 5 stars in several new categories is proof that we certainly haven’t been. 

If you’re thinking about going solar, we recommend doing your research, visit websites like Canstar Blue and read about other people’s experiences with different solar companies. If you agree with Canstar and take their recommendation to go with us, then get in touch through the form below and our team would be glad to provide you with a free solar assessment.

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