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We’re Greening Our Thumb For A Greener Australia

In partnership with Carbon Neutral, Solargain is proud to have contributed to the establishment of 360 native trees and shrubs through the Turn Emissions Into Trees Program.

To help drive a reduction in the planet’s carbon emissions, Solargain planted one tree for every 100kW of solar installed across their entire Australian network during 2013-14.

So, who are Carbon Neutral?

They’re a carbon solutions provider that assists organisations and individuals across Australia to minimise their impact on the environment. Working with organisations of all sizes, they measure, reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions. 

Just like Solargain, they’re passionate about the environment and have planted over 3 million trees so far. Keep it up guys!

Our involvement with Carbon Neutral is just another demonstration of our commitment to greening the planet, and we are really proud to be contributing to improved sustainability through our customers.

Not only have our customers seen their purchases translate directly into the establishment of tree life, they’ll also be able to enjoy the many benefits of solar energy well into the future.

What sort of benefits you ask?

A Victorian household with a 4.00kW Solargain System can help fill its owner’s pocket with approximately $800 in savings annually and prevent approximately 7,200kg of greenhouse gases from being emitted – the same amount of emissions you would get from a whopping 300 BBQ gas cylinders. That’s a lot of burned snags.

To calculate the huge savings you and your family can make by installing solar panels, make sure to head over to our Solar Power Calculator.

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