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Clenergy develops and produces standardised as well as customised roof and ground mounting systems for flushed and tilted solar PV installations.

The PV-ezRack product range comprises:

Clenergy rails on tile roof

  • The SolarRoof racking system, available for flat and pitched roofs made of tin or tile.
    Its Non-Penetrative version contains clip-on clamps to avoid drilling into concealed fix roofs (Klip-Lok & Longline interfaces).
  • The SolarTripod, designed for flat roofs and surfaces.
  • The SolarTerrace, a pre-assembled ground mount system suited for large-scale projects.
    An alternative exists for sites where ramming is not possible.
  • The SolarMatrix, a ballasted mounting system for commercial flat, concrete roof installations.
    The ‘Pro’ innovative variation features panel pivoting to allow roof access.


The components manufactured by Clenergy and utilised in PV-ezRack solutions include:

Clenergy tilt legs on tin roof

  • Inter, end and rail clamps to fix the panels to the rail.
  • Tin and tile interface kits to fix the rails to the roof.
  • Klip-Lok and Longline clamps to connect the rails to the roof without drilling.
  • Adjustable tilt legs (10 to 60 degrees) as well as single, double (30 degrees) and adjustable tripods, to orientate the panels to the desired angle.
  • Rails to support the panels.
  • Splices to extend the rails without cutting them.


Why we chose to partner with Clenergy

Founded in Australia, Clenergy now counts 400 employees on four continents. This international leader has become a reference in the solar PV industry. Their products are of excellent quality, corrosion resistant and suited for places with high salt levels such as coasts. This is why Solargain chose to install solar panels using Clenergy PV-mounting solutions. In addition, Clenergy offers an attractive warranty cover: 10 years on products and 5 years on finish.