Submitted by Nedjma.Loucif on Fri, 13/10/2017 - 15:28

Hmm, is your Aurora inverter displaying an E031 – Int.Error? Solargain can help.

What does an E031 – Int.Error mean?

In short, if your Aurora inverter has an E031 - Int.Error a vital internal component has failed. The unit will need to be replaced.

Aurora E031


Is an E031 - Int.Error covered by warranty or under my home and contents insurance?

Aurora inverters come with a five-year warranty. If your system was installed within the last five years, you can send us a photo of the sticker on the side of your inverter (which displays the serial number, WK number and part number) and a photo of the screen displaying the fault, and we will lodge a warranty claim on your behalf.

We will then install the new inverter in place at your premise, and dispose of the faulty one for you. Please note it may take up to three weeks for your claim to be processed and for your replacement inverter to arrive.

As this error is predominantly an internal component failure, it is unlikely to be covered by home and contents insurance.

To get the ball rolling on your warranty claim or for more information about Aurora E031 internal errors, give Solargain a call on 1300 73 93 55 or contact us here.