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What is an Error 117 fault?

One of the most common issues with Growatt inverters is the “Error 117” fault.
If your inverter displays the Error 117 message, it means it’s not producing any power. It will also display the red fault light; this fault message is telling you that there is a relay issue.

Growatt Error 117


What should I do when my inverter displays this message?

Although this situation isn’t unsafe, it is uneconomical. Every day you spend with a faulty inverter costs you money, as you are not benefitting from your solar power system at all whilst the red fault light is on and the Error 117 error message is displayed.

Resetting you inverter can be a temporary fix, but is more commonly a permanent error and, as such, the only solution is to replace it.


Replacing my Growatt inverter

Growatt inverters are covered by a 5-year warranty, which means that, if your inverter is less than five years old and displays an Error 117 message, Growatt will replace it for free as part of your warranty cover.

In order to file a warranty claim, you will be required to provide the following:

  • Proof of purchase (tax invoice or Certificate of Compliance)
  • A photo of the sticker containing the model and serial numbers (found on the side of the inverter)
  • A photo of the fault on the screen of the inverter

Please note that this does not include the cost of having a solar expert visit your property, remove your faulty inverter and install the new one.


Upgrading my solar power system

If your inverter is no longer covered by warranty, you might want to take this opportunity to upgrade your system.
Our technicians can recommend a good quality replacement model with a full factory warranty that will serve you well for many years to come.
Replacements begin at $990 for a 1.5 kW inverter.


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