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Has your Latronics inverter stopped working? Is the 50% light flashing and are all the other lights off?

What does it mean if the 50% light is flashing?

If your Latronics inverter has a 50% error, it means the grid is out of range. (Important note: If the 25% light is on solid and the 50% light is flashing, this is not a fault. It just means your inverter is on the cusp of 50% production.)

If the 25% light is off and the 50% light only flashes every now and then, the main power grid may legitimately be experiencing voltage issues. However, if the 50% light keeps flashing on an ongoing basis, there may be an isolator issue or the main solar supply switch in your meter box might be off.

If none of these issues are causing the fault, you may need to replace your inverter.


If my inverter has a ‘grid out of range’ fault, is it covered by warranty or my household insurance policy?

Latronics inverters are Australian-made products, installed between 2009 and 2011. Most came with a three-year warranty; however, some that were purchased during a promotional offer in 2010 came with a five-year warranty. If you originally purchased a refurbished unit, it would have come with a 12-month warranty. All of these Latronics inverters are now out of warranty.

Depending on your individual insurance policy, you may be covered for some of the costs associated with replacing your faulty inverter under your home and contents insurance. We can assist you with making a claim.


How do I resolve a ‘grid out of range’ fault?

Latronics inverters came in 1.2kW and 2.5kW models. Depending on the tariff you are currently on, if you have a 1.2kW model, you’ll probably need to replace it with an identical 1.2kW Latronics inverter, either new or refurbished.

The 2.5kW model can be replaced with a 2.5kW Fronius Galvo inverter. However, since they are wired differently, we’d need to rewire your entire system, adding an extra $1000 in labour costs on top of the cost of the inverter itself. With this in mind, it’s likely to work out more cost-effective to replace your entire system, including your solar panels, with a new system.

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