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Has your Orion inverter developed an isolation fault? Wondering what to do next?

What is an isolation fault?

An isolation fault in your Orion inverter is a sign that your solar panels may not be properly isolated. If it only seems to happen after rain, it’s likely that water is triggering the fault. If the isolation fault occurs constantly, regardless of moisture in the environment, further investigation will be needed.

The best course of action is a solar health check with Solargain. We’ll look for signs of water ingress and test for isolation faults. Where possible, we’ll repair the fault; however, if repair is not possible we can replace the faulty unit with a new inverter – all in the one visit.


Is an isolation fault covered under my Orion inverter’s warranty or by my home insurance policy?

It’s unlikely that your Orion inverter will still be covered by warranty; however, you may still be able to replace it under your household insurance, depending on your individual policy details. If you need assistance making an insurance claim on your faulty inverter, Solargain can help.


How do I resolve an isolation fault in my Orion inverter?

When you book a Health Check with Solargain, our experienced technicians will diagnose the fault and make necessary repairs (please note additional fees may be incurred if alterations to the installation are required). In the event that your inverter cannot be repaired, it will need to be replaced. In this case, we recommend you replace your faulty Orion with either a Growatt, Zeverlution or Fronius Galvo 2 inverter.

Get on top of your isolation fault today by calling Solargain on 1300 73 93 55 or contact us online.


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