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Solargain specialises in JinkoSolar panel installation for Adelaide home and business owners. Find out why JinkoSolar is the go-to product for Adelaide customers.

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In Adelaide, JinkoSolar has established itself as a trusted and reliable brand for solar panels. Their renowned reputation and high-quality installations make them a preferred choice for homeowners in this sun-drenched city. Adelaide residents can rely on JinkoSolar's expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional solar solutions tailored to their unique energy needs. By choosing JinkoSolar Panels Adelaide homeowners trust, you can embrace clean and reliable energy while contributing to a sustainable future.

Adelaide homeowners, get ready to experience the award-winning solar panel solutions offered by JinkoSolar, a tier 1 manufacturer. With their renowned expertise and commitment to excellence, JinkoSolar stands out as the ultimate choice for your solar panel needs. As an award-winning brand, JinkoSolar has been recognised for their exceptional quality and innovation in the industry.

Designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate, JinkoSolar panels ensure uninterrupted clean energy generation for your Adelaide home. By selecting JinkoSolar, you join a community of satisfied customers who trust their expertise and rely on the superior quality of their panels. Whether your goal is to reduce electricity bills or make a positive environmental impact, JinkoSolar guarantees your satisfaction.

Embrace the advantages of clean, reliable, and cost-effective energy solutions tailored specifically for your Adelaide residence. Make a wise investment in your home's future with JinkoSolar, an award-winning brand and tier 1 manufacturer that prioritises customer satisfaction and delivers cutting-edge solar panel solutions. Join the ranks of homeowners who have experienced the benefits of JinkoSolar's technology and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with reliable clean energy generation.

JinkoSolar Panel Installation Adelaide

Solargain has a team of highly skilled and certified installers with extensive experience in handling JinkoSolar panel installation Adelaide locals trust in ensuring a seamless and efficient installation process.  JinkoSolar panels are renowned for their exceptional efficiency and durability, and with Solargain, you can be confident that you are investing in the highest-quality products available in the market. Contact us to talk to your local sales representative.

Company History

Adelaide homeowners, when it comes to solar panels installations, JinkoSolar is a name that you can trust. Let's take a look at the impressive company history. Founded in 2006, JinkoSolar swiftly rose to become the world's largest solar panel manufacturer by 2016. Holding this esteemed position for the past six years, they have consistently amazed the industry with their remarkable global shipments, reaching an astounding 14.3 GW in 2019 alone.

As a massive multinational company headquartered in China, JinkoSolar has established a robust global presence, including Adelaide. With their strong commitment to delivering high-quality solar solutions worldwide, JinkoSolar employs over 15,000 individuals across 70 countries. They have also set up state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in China, Malaysia, and the US, ensuring their ability to provide top-notch solar panels tailored to the specific needs of Adelaide homeowners.

Choose JinkoSolar for your Adelaide solar panels installations and benefit from a company with a proven track record, global recognition, and a dedication to delivering high-quality solar solutions. Trust in their expertise as you embark on your journey towards clean and sustainable energy for your Adelaide home.

Key Features

  1. Great Efficiency: The exceptional efficiency of JinkoSolar panels allows them to convert a higher percentage of Adelaide's sunlight into usable electricity. This translates to optimised solar power generation, enabling you to fully harness the potential of your system and make the most of the abundant solar resources in the region.
  2. Highly Durable: JinkoSolar panels are not only engineered for long-lasting performance and to endure Adelaide's challenging weather conditions, but they also consistently deliver exceptional energy efficiency, making them a reliable and sustainable choice for your solar needs. 
  3. Performs Well in Low Light Conditions: JinkoSolar panels are specifically engineered to excel in low light conditions, ensuring efficient electricity generation even on overcast days or during the early morning and late afternoon when sunlight intensity is diminished. Their remarkable adaptability guarantees a consistent and reliable energy output regardless of lighting challenges. 
  4. Better Temperature Coefficient: JinkoSolar panels boast a low-temperature coefficient, safeguarding their performance from the impact of high temperatures. This guarantees a consistent power output, making them an excellent choice for hot climates, where other panels may experience efficiency drops.
  5. Comprehensive Product Warranty: With JinkoSolar, you can enjoy the tranquillity of a comprehensive product warranty, ensuring peace of mind for many years ahead. The warranty coverage varies depending on the panel model, typically spanning from 12 to 25 years and guaranteeing steadfast operation and support throughout the duration.
  6.  Global Recognition: Being among the world's largest solar panel manufacturers, JinkoSolar has earned a robust reputation for providing superior products. The high-quality panels have found widespread adoption among Adelaide homeowners, solidifying JinkoSolar's position as a trusted choice for solar solutions in the region.


JinkoSolar Adelaide presents an extensive array of solar panels tailored to diverse installation needs.     
Here is an overview of the JinkoSolar panel lineup for Adelaide homes and businesses:

Cheetah - Available in compact, simple, and budget panels.

Tiger - Available in compact and mid to high-performance panels.

Tiger Pro - Available in large and mid to high-performance panels

Tiger Neo - Available in high-performance panels for residential, commercial, and utility-scale systems.

See our entire JinkoSolar range of products here