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Do you live in the ACT and looking to make the most of Australia's most bountiful natural resource? Look no further, Solargain Canberra are here to help.

Solargain ACT customers eligible for battery storage grant

Solargain was chosen, alongside five other local and national companies, to receive funds from the ACT Government as part of the Next Generation Energy Storage program. The program is designed to support the installation of solar battery storage in up to 5,000 ACT homes and businesses.

Under this program, homeowners and businesses wishing to add battery storage to their new or existing solar power system will receive approximately $4,500 off an average residential PV system with battery storage.

Solargain – A reliable solar partner

Here at Solargain Canberra we provide solar power and maintenance services throughout the nation's capital. If you wish to purchase or repair an existing solar PV or solar hot water system in Canberra, please call us on 1300 73 93 55 to get a no-obligation quote - our experienced energy specialists are here to help

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Our solar power solutions for Canberra

More and more Canberra homeowners and businesses are making the wise choice of switching to solar power and other forms of renewable energy to reduce their electricity bills and lower their greenhouse emissions, saving them money while also saving the environment. What's more, many are also choosing Solargain Canberra to install their solar energy systems because we’re one of the most trusted solar power providers in the ACT.

Looking for affordable solar power packages?

Solargain has been in the solar power industry for a long time - we’ve seen more than our fair share of competitors come and go. What separates us from other solar providers, and lets us stay relevant throughout the twenty years of our existence, is our commitment to quality products and exceptional service. We’ve worked hard over the years to form strong relationships with suppliers, securing the best deals for our customers in Canberra. By liaising directly with the manufacturers, we’re able to guarantee excellent value on quality solar panels, inverters and solar hot water products.

Why Canberra residents should switch to solar power

With over 15,000 homes in the ACT already fitted with solar panels, it’s time to make the switch. One in ten Canberra households are already enjoying the benefits of solar, which include lower electricity bills and reduced carbon footprint. Canberra’s clear blue skies and bright sunny days make it an ideal location to harness the sun’s energy with a solar power system on your roof.

How much can you save by installing solar power in Canberra?

In order to determine just how much you’ll save in carbon emissions and on your power bill when you switch to solar, there are a number of factors to consider, including your roof’s tilt, orientation and shading, as well as your household’s electricity usage.

Our customer service representatives will be able to discuss the ways these factors affect your specific solar power system’s effectiveness with you. For the interim, the table below will give you an estimate of the kind of savings you could expect from a system installed in Canberra if you used 70% of the power you generate from solar.

System Size Annual Financial Savings
2kW $690
3kW $1,039
5kW $1,736
10kW $3,472

What Solar Rebates are available in Canberra?

Currently, in the Australian Capital Territory, the following rebates are available, this does not include universally available rebates such as the Small Technology Certificates (STCs):

  • Next Gen Energy Storage Grants - This rebate is intended to encourage ACT home and business owners to install solar energy storage units at their home or business and make it easier for them to do so. The current rebate is $825 per kilowatt (KW) to a maximum 30 kW. So, a home with a 6.6 kW system could expect to be eligible for as much as $5,455. You can read more about this rebate here.  
  • The Solar for Low Income Program makes it easier for old-age residents to acquire solar energy systems in order to reduce their power bills. The program offers subsidies of up to 50% of the overall cost of a solar energy system, up to a cap of $2,500. You can read more about this rebate here.

What type of solar power system should I install if I live in Canberra?

The ACT can experience dramatic extremes in temperatures, from freezing winter months to long scorching summers. Therefore, it’s essential that you choose a solar power system that’s capable of withstanding any and all types of weather conditions. Solargain has built a reputation as a specialist in installing high-quality products that are designed with Australia’s harsh conditions in mind.

Plus, all of these products come with an Australian-based network for warranty claims and after-sale service, which is essential to avoid being left in the dark if something goes wrong with your solar PV system.

Canberra Specials

Bundle an iStore with your solar power system for more great savings!
Special Includes
iStore 180L or 270L hot water unit
Any Fronius inverter with Trina 370W OR JinkoSolar 370W panels
SOLSTRÅLE is an exclusive collaboration between Solargain and IKEA, offering a range of solar options.
Price Varies
Special Includes
Multiple packages available
For only $13,690 get a complete solar package, hot water included, and crush your energy bill!
Special Includes
28 x 390 W JinkoSolar panels
1 x Fronius Primo inverter
1 x Fronius Smart Meter
1 x 270L iStore hot water system
Make your home the ultimate energy saver with this bill-busting package that includes solar PV system, an iStore hot water unit and smart meter for monitoring for only $10,290*.
Special Includes
16 x Trina Solar Honey M 400 W half-cell panels
1 x Fronius 5 kW inverter
1 x Fronius Smart Meter
1 x 270 L iStore hot water unit
No deposit, manageable low repayments, and Qantas Points on all batteries. Save as much as $45 per week. Starting from $22 per week for an entry level battery. Or go big with a premium battery like the Tesla Powerwall, which can be optimised with Evergen Home Energy Management Software.
Special Includes
A battery of your choice
Get in on the solar savings with a PV system for as little as $3,990.^
Special Includes
18 x JinkoSolar 370 W panels
1 x Growatt 5 kW inverter
Option to upgrade to a battery-ready inverter
Get a fantastic 6.4 kW system with TrinaSolar Panels plus a Huawei inverter, smart meter and battery.
Special Includes
16 x 400 W TrinaSolar Vertex-S panels.
1 x Huawei 5 kW Hybrid Inverter
1 x Huawei 5 kWh LUNA2000 Battery

This powerful 10 kW solar package comes with an Austrian-made Fronius Primo 8.2 kW inverter and the latest in panel technology

Special Includes
25 x Trina Solar 400W panels
1 x Fronius Primo 8.2 kW inverter
Option to upgrade to top-tier Sunpower panels

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