The Battery Box Premium HVS/HVM is BYD's solar energy battery offering. A variable solution, it scales to meet your energy needs. Learn more about it here. BYD Battery Box Premium.

BYD Solar

  • HVS 5.1
  • HVS 7.7
  • HVS 10.2
  • HVS 12.8
Usable Energy Capacity: 5.1kWh - 22.1kWh
BYD's solar energy storage system, the Battery Box Premium comes in two types, the HVS and the HVM, between the pair, they are able to offer a variety of energy capacities, thanks to the battery boxes modular design. Able to offer storage capacities from 5.1 kWh all the way up to 22.1 kWh, whatever your home's energy needs, the battery box can accommodate them. High Power, Maximum Output

Product Features:

  • Compatible with a range of inverters
  • High peak output
  • Adaptable design allows for the addition of greater capacity later

Product Warranty

  • 10 years
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