Battery Features
Compact size and easy installation
High energy density and efficiency
Scalable Solution
ARK 2.5L 1 Module - ARK 25.6L 10 Modules
Usable Energy Capacity
6.5kWh - 52kWh
Max Charge / Discharge Power
Lithium Ion
Product Dimensions
475mm x 745mm x 149mm
Country of Manufacture
Product Warranty
10 Year
Product Documents
Media Category
Product Brochure
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A high quality battery from one of China's greatest PV manufacturers. Primarily known for their inverters, Growatt has extended their expertise out to batteries with this fantastic storage solution. Growatt has always had a keen focus on developing and innovating on renewable technologies, and have done so yet again with this system. The battery has gone through extensive testing in order to reach the excellent reliability, efficiency and capability it offers now.

Safe and Reliable Battery

Utilising cobalt-free LFP chemistry for the battery, the ARK from Growatt is one of the safest battery units available on the market today. On top of utilising the safest possible chemistry for their battery unit, Growatt solar energy systems possess multi-level protection from both the inverter and the battery management system. Thanks to Growatt being one of the few solar manufacturers who design and produce both their own inverters and storage systems, they can design synergistic support and safety systems that work alongside one another to provide peak operation for your home system.

In the 2021 edition of TÜV Rheinland’s solar congress, the ARK battery was awarded the 'All Quality Matters' award. To win this it was put through a variety of safety and reliability tests, which it emerged from with top marks across the board.

Scalable Solution

The ARK can be scaled to match any home's energy storage needs, scalable from 2.5kWh with one unit to a staggering 25 kWh with 10 units. This comes with the added benefit of being able to add additional storage units down the line as your home's needs grow, without the need to buy additional control units.

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