Growatt Solar Batteries

Quickly establishing themselves as one of the world’s most popular Chinese manufactured inverters, first opening their doors in 2010, Growatt has rapidly proven their quality, and rapidly expanded their operations worldwide. They now have branch offices in Germany, the US and the UK, Australia, Brazil, Thailand, India, the Netherlands and more. 

Having a branch office in Australia allows them to circumvent one of the most common issues Australian’s face when using inverters from international manufacturers. Without an Australian office, it can be difficult for customers to get support or make warranty claims. Meanwhile, Growatt has both a branch office in Melbourne, and a dedicated support office in Sydney, which is well equipped to assist Australians around the nation.

Growatt was established with a mission to innovate and develop new solar technologies, and have stuck to this mission since their founding. All of their inverters are put through rigorous testing and continually iterated upon to ensure their customers continue to get the very best in solar.


  • ARK 2.5L 1 Module - ARK 25.6L 10 Modules
Usable Energy Capacity: 6.5kWh - 52kWh
A high quality battery from one of China's greatest PV manufacturers. Primarily known for their inverters, Growatt has extended their expertise out to batteries with this fantastic storage solution. Growatt has always had a keen focus on developing and innovating on renewable technologies, and have done so yet again with this system.

Product Features:

  • Compact size and easy installation
  • High energy density and efficiency
  • Scalable Solution

Product Warranty

  • 10 Year
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