iStore Solar Hot Water System

The iStore system is not a traditional hot water system. It is a thermal energy storage system and an alternative option to far more expensive solar energy storage systems. While already a fantastically efficient solar hot water system on its own, that can save users massive amounts of money every year, the iStore really comes alive when it is paired with a solar hot water system.

Rather than store your excess solar energy for later use with your home's electrical systems like a conventional energy storage system, the iStore uses that excess energy to heat water for your home, leaving it ready for use in your home whenever you might need it.

Far more affordable than most conventional energy storage systems, the iStore represents a fantastic alternative to solar batteries, making excellent use of the energy your solar power system generates that would otherwise go to waste, and saving you money in the process.


  • IS-BATT-5000-S0
  • IS-BATT-10000-S0
  • IS-BATT-15000-S0
Usable Energy Capacity: 5 - 30 kWh
Introducing the iStore Solar Battery – the perfect option to couple with the iStore Hybrid inverter. Its modular design offers flexibility, allowing you to scale capacity from 5kWh to an impressive 30kWh. Also compatible with Huawei inverters, safety takes centre stage with 4 layers of industry-leading protection charge.

Product Features:

  • Scalable in increments of 5kWh
  • Built-in Energy Optimisers
  • Built-in Fire Extinguishers
  • Safe LiFePO4 battery cells

Product Warranty

  • 10 years
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