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If you live in Melbourne or regional Victoria, look no further than Solargain for all your solar power needs. Solargain Melbourne is located in West Melbourne, Victoria. We supply and install high quality solar power systems in both metro and regional Victoria. We are leaders in the industry with a reputation for excellent service and consultation with solar power customers across Victoria.     
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Solar Power Melbourne - Packages and Solar Power Systems

Solargain is one of the most trusted names in the Victorian solar power industry. We supply and install a huge range of solar power products including the best inverters and solar panels on the market. Having dealt directly with manufacturers like Fronius and Renesola for over eight years, we guarantee exceptional deals on solar power systems for our Melbourne and regional Victorian customers.

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Melbourne Solar Power Packages

If you want to maximise your energy efficiency and boost your savings potential, make sure you also check out our solar hot water packages too.

Why solar power makes sense in Melbourne and regional Victoria

Australia really is a sun-burnt country and even though Melbourne is in the south of the continent, there is still plenty of sunshine to justify installing solar power systems in homes and businesses across Victoria. In fact, nearly 20% of households in Victoria are already using solar power to reduce their electricity bills. Plus, as the cost of solar technology decreases and with government incentives available to help reduce your outlay, switching to solar power is becoming a more and more affordable choice.

How much can you save with solar power in Melbourne?

The amount of money you can save on your power bill by installing a solar power system in your Melbourne or regional Victoria home all depends on your household’s energy consumption patterns and where your solar panels are positioned. The way your panels are oriented, their tilt and the presence of shade all affect the amount of electricity they produce. However, the table below can give you an indication of the kind of savings you can expect:

System SizeAnnual Financial Savings
2 kW$690
3 kW$1,039
5 kW$1,736
10 kW$3,472

What type of system should I install?

Melbourne and greater Victoria’s extreme weather conditions mean it is essential that your solar power system is tough enough to withstand everything Mother Nature throws at it. With this in mind, we strongly recommend you choose a system that is designed with Australia’s weather conditions in mind. Always choose products that come with an Australian-based support system for warranty claims and after-sale service. Brands that meet our expectations on quality and service include JinkoSolar, Q CELLS and SunPower (for solar panels) and SMA, Fronius and Zeversolar (for inverters).

Solargain and Melbourne

Solargain has been supplying and installing solar power systems in Melbourne and regional Victorian homes for years. With two branches in Victoria, we are well positioned to serve the local community. Our commitment to delivering high quality solar products at affordable prices with on-going after sales service makes us one of the most respected solar power companies in Victoria.

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