Just wanted to say what a pleasure it was dealing with you guys. At no point was I left out of the loop, and Justin and Peter were just as professional with the install. It amazes me that some companies these days still don't realise how simple it can be just to pick up the phone and let your customer know what's going on. It makes all the difference. Thanks again.
It is my real pleasure to be able to write to you and advise that the installation of our Solar Panels and Inverter occurred without a hitch. The entire process was as described and as planned. That simple sentence is highly unusual these days. I would like to thank you, and all the people at Solargain who have been involved to ensure that we have experienced a trouble-free Solar experience. I would greatly appreciate it if you could pass on our sincere thanks and appreciation to Sam and Peter who attended our property to install the Solar system. It has been our absolute delight to have selected Solargain for the supply and installation of our Solar system.
Terri and I would to like to thank you and Solargain for the recent installation of our 1.5KW system. We still can’t believe that it took under 3 weeks from seeing you on 11th April 2011 and the system was up and running on 28th April 2011. You were the 2nd company that we had come out to quote us but it was your professionalism and friendly attitude that made us go with you ( the price was good too) you answered all our questions as well as taking photos of the roof and meter box which wasn’t done by the other company. Greg and Mark (the installers) arrived at 11.15AM on 28th April and worked like trojans. I asked them on two occasions if they wanted to stop for a drink but both times the answer was no thanks. It was only at the end when they had finished I asked them again and the answer was going to be no thanks but when they saw the donuts and tim tams yes please. They were packed and gone by 3.00PM with no mess in the yard at all. Greg said the second electrician would be out on 2nd May 2011 to sign off on the electrical work and sure enough 11.00AM on Monday he was there. We are now just waiting for the solar meter from SP Ausnet. Once again I would to thank all of you for your help and would definitely recommend your services to anyone.
Terri & Ian
I have paid by credit card over the phone but I just wanted to thank you for your prompt attention and fabulous service. It was great no fuss installation and you got me out of a really sticky situation. Thanks so much and I will recommend your service to everyone.
I recently had a solar system installed by Solargain (Melbourne office). From my very first phone call to your company right through to installation and follow up, I was treated professionally and courteously. Unlike other solar system retailers, the staff at Solargain knew their products. Every staff member from reception through to your electrical contractors were friendly and answered my questions promptly and in detail. I have heard of many horror stories and cowboy tactics in this industry and was very pleased that Solargain sets the standard for the industry. I have already recommended Solargain to many others interested in installing PV systems for their houses and I am confident that they will be treated the same way I was treated. Thank you once again and best wishes.
Hi Noah I wanted to express my thanks formally to you and the team that so readily stepped into the breach at short notice, when my electrical  hot water system developed a crack without warning as is nearly always the case, and leaked furiously.  (Mind you, it was getting on in years, but it cunningly chose a time when I was away on holidays to vent its spleen as well as its contents.) Now I had wanted to change over to a vacuum-tubed solar system for some time, and had been quite impressed with Solargain in some earlier matter.  So while a simpler and quicker solution might have been to wheel in a replacement electrical system, I asked Solargain if their people could step into the breach at short notice, which they did admirably, with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency, and had the new system installed an up and running within three days’ notice.  Furthermore, all this was done with emails and phone calls.  Having returned from holidays, I’m very happy with the installation, and the system’s performance. So thanks to you for your management of this task, to the team for their support through supply and installation, and to William Russell for his moral support and interest. Kind regards,
Peter Kemmis
I have been very impressed by the Solargain team who have installed the three solar HWS and the PV system for me, as I was with your approach when you first visited here to quote for the work. The team (Irshad Kumri, Will Russell, and Sam) worked with care, diligence and courtesy, and is to be highly commended. Further, should you wish to use me or the installation as a reference any time, please feel free to do so.
Renee started our Solargain positive experience with price matching the quote from another supplier. Ana and Anika were extremely helpful in facilitating my records as I do not have office facilities. As we had terrible weather, Matt could not finish the installation, which was completed by Patric's team. Patric stayed to help me log onto the monitoring system, even though he was behind his schedule. (I may still need some hand-holding in this area, but I will contact Solargain when this need arises.) So I am grateful to the entire team for a very positive experience with my solar installation.
Rose Lee
My wife and I have just retired and decided to get solar panels to try to cut down on our electricity bills. We got a few quotes but both agreed on Solargain as they were very helpful and professional, when giving us a quote and your price was in line with the other companies. We then rang Chris Sharman back and said we wanted to go ahead with your company. Chris then booked us in for the job to be done the following week Tuesday the 21/9/2010 and said the tradesmen would be at our house at 8am. On Tuesday the 21/9/10 at 8am Patrick and his apprentice arrived to start the job. As these panels were going on the top of our hay shed and we were getting a 3kw unit and 16 panels, this was a big job. The two tradesmen worked from 8am right through with out stopping for a morning tea or lunch break, and when they finished there was no mess left, and you wouldn't have known that anyone had been. Patrick then filled out all the paper work and booked Sp Austnet to come out and do their checks. We would highly recommend your company and the tradesmen.
Tom and Lorraine
I would like to compliment you and Solargain on my recent installation. I was very impressed with your great assistance when I made my initial enquiry, and my faith only grew as you responded to my subsequent enquiries and emails of photographs etc. In our modern society at times customer service regularly does not reach the calibre of service of years gone by but your attitude thankfully took me back to 'the good old days'. It was a pleasure to deal with you. I am also most grateful to Jeremy ánd the boys for their installation and affable attitude. It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with Solargain & its representatives.
Peter B