We are very pleased with our recent Solargain Installation. Will Russell was extremely helpful in providing information and pricing prior to the installation, and our installer, Cam Kennedy, was very friendly and efficient. All in all the experience was seamless for us, and we are very pleased with the result – especially the drastically reduced electricity bills! Well done to Solargain, and thank you.
Allison and Colin
I would like to compliment you and Solargain on my recent installation. I was very impressed with your great assistance when I made my initial enquiry, and my faith only grew as you responded to my subsequent enquiries and emails of photographs etc. In our modern society at times customer service regularly does not reach the calibre of service of years gone by but your attitude thankfully took me back to 'the good old days'. It was a pleasure to deal with you. I am also most grateful to Jeremy ánd the boys for their installation and affable attitude. It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with Solargain & its representatives.
Peter B
Terri and I would to like to thank you and Solargain for the recent installation of our 1.5KW system. We still can’t believe that it took under 3 weeks from seeing you on 11th April 2011 and the system was up and running on 28th April 2011. You were the 2nd company that we had come out to quote us but it was your professionalism and friendly attitude that made us go with you ( the price was good too) you answered all our questions as well as taking photos of the roof and meter box which wasn’t done by the other company. Greg and Mark (the installers) arrived at 11.15AM on 28th April and worked like trojans. I asked them on two occasions if they wanted to stop for a drink but both times the answer was no thanks. It was only at the end when they had finished I asked them again and the answer was going to be no thanks but when they saw the donuts and tim tams yes please. They were packed and gone by 3.00PM with no mess in the yard at all. Greg said the second electrician would be out on 2nd May 2011 to sign off on the electrical work and sure enough 11.00AM on Monday he was there. We are now just waiting for the solar meter from SP Ausnet. Once again I would to thank all of you for your help and would definitely recommend your services to anyone.
Terri & Ian
I wanted to write a quick message to let you know the level of service I’ve received from Solargain has been great. My situation is that over the past 3 months we haven’t been receiving the solar benefit because our inverter is broken. We had Sam, the technician come out and assess our inverter and he was quick and easy to deal with. I’ve also had Abigail be our first point of contact and also take charge of the follow up. She was great to deal with and has made sure the process has happened quickly and we’ve been well informed. Solargain have been so good I felt it important to take the time out of my day to write a quick note to commend the people I’ve dealt with and make sure their efforts are recognised within.
It is my real pleasure to be able to write to you and advise that the installation of our Solar Panels and Inverter occurred without a hitch. The entire process was as described and as planned. That simple sentence is highly unusual these days. I would like to thank you, and all the people at Solargain who have been involved to ensure that we have experienced a trouble-free Solar experience. I would greatly appreciate it if you could pass on our sincere thanks and appreciation to Sam and Peter who attended our property to install the Solar system. It has been our absolute delight to have selected Solargain for the supply and installation of our Solar system.
I want to say how pleased I am with everyone involved with my new hot water service. From Di, Len, Rob and Chris and all the rest of the team I was completely happy with the almost effortless installation. The hot water system was absolutely a mystery to me, I didn't know what was available or in fact there were rebates available. I am really pleased and wish to pass on my thanks to all concerned.
I would like to congratulate your company and staff that helped us out with a warranty problem with our HWS from the first contact your staff were courteous they let us know what was going on to keep us up to date, they finished the job this morning and everything is operating as it should be, I will have no issue recommending your company to anybody I know. We had solar panels fitted on the house when it was new through the builder, these were fitted by another company and what a contrast!! I have had problems with the operation of these panels right from the start and without boring you they are an arrogant non caring company so unlike Solargain. Thanks again.
Trevor Smith
My wife and I have just retired and decided to get solar panels to try to cut down on our electricity bills. We got a few quotes but both agreed on Solargain as they were very helpful and professional, when giving us a quote and your price was in line with the other companies. We then rang Chris Sharman back and said we wanted to go ahead with your company. Chris then booked us in for the job to be done the following week Tuesday the 21/9/2010 and said the tradesmen would be at our house at 8am. On Tuesday the 21/9/10 at 8am Patrick and his apprentice arrived to start the job. As these panels were going on the top of our hay shed and we were getting a 3kw unit and 16 panels, this was a big job. The two tradesmen worked from 8am right through with out stopping for a morning tea or lunch break, and when they finished there was no mess left, and you wouldn't have known that anyone had been. Patrick then filled out all the paper work and booked Sp Austnet to come out and do their checks. We would highly recommend your company and the tradesmen.
Tom and Lorraine
I wanted to take the time to extend you and your company a big thank you for the "seamless" installation of our 3KW solar system on our house. Initially I went into the solar experience with a lot of trepidation as I hold minimal experience in this field. I quickly learned what was required and started the process of interviewing many candidates to install solar on my roof. After many interviews I chose your company for the following reasons, you treated me with respect, your product knowledge was first class, your price, while not the cheapest, was one of the lowest in the market and you obtain a certain "feeling" when you talk to people face to face and I felt "at ease" dealing with you and your company. The job was installed on time with efficient ease by the installers and the unit started to work with the flick of the switch - in all my life I had never experienced an electricity meter going backwards before - so this was brilliant. The timeline you explained to me was spot on through all points from the inspector arriving, to SP Ausnet turning up then placing the paperwork with Lumo energy to have the PFIT applied to our account. When we initially spoke to you we were consuming 35 Kwh per day due to our large spa however with the same use as well as turning of some "Standby electrical goods" coupled with the Solar system I am pleased to tell you this is now an average of 8 Kwh per day - Amazing result.
Robert & Kellie
As a technical nerd I researched heavily both the inverter, installer and battery solutions for my home. My major criteria were reliability, features and ability to add battery pack option for when grid down. The Fronius Symo was found to be the hands down winner. Long warranty from long lived company, offline ability, firmware upgradeable, data exportable, graph-able statistics from at home or overseas via web on PC or phone. Next was to find a high quality local installer that knew the product inside out and could answer the tough questions. After speaking to almost a dozen installers Solargain Malaga won hands down again. No question was too hard or skipped, experts were summoned when needed, no lies told, no hard sell. Post install I was awaiting inline for a battery. After being invited by Jeremy to your Battery seminar in Perth and attending I afterwards spoke to Karl and was assisted with the maths for why the Fronius system was great value for money in the long run. I went away and went through the maths (Depth of discharge, cycles, cell and build quality) and could see it was the one of the best value for money battery on the market. The final clincher was the fact the Fronius batteries could output much higher peak current than the other batteries (less likely to trip). As a SMALL plus it also keeps the system as an all in one brand. Your pre and post support including install staff are amazing and I hope you can personally thank them again for me. System: 5.4kW Panels 5kW Fronius Symo Hybrid Fronius Battery System (LiFePO4)
Peter M