About Hanover Solar panels

Whilst Hanover Solar is a German company, like many other companies, they manufacture from China to ensure competitive pricing in the solar market.

Are there any common issues with Hanover Solar panels?

Although highly reliable, just like any other panels, Hanover Solar panels sometimes suffer from malfunctions such as snail trails and hot spots. If the junction box is faulty, you may notice a short in the array. If you are experiencing a fault that may pertain to your panels, a service technician can help identify whether the issue is repairable.

How do I make a warranty claim on Hanover Solar panels?

Solargain has not previously imported Hanover Solar panels. However as we are experienced in servicing many other manufacturers we can assist by attending and completing required testing to be provided to Hanover for their warranty process.

What if my problem doesn’t fall under the terms of warranty?

Some models are CEC accredited, which means that, if the wattage is suitable, the systems may be upgraded (although you should always get a quote to upgrade all, as it is often more competitive). In any case, we will always do our best to represent you in a fair and speedy resolution and, if we don’t succeed in claiming warranty, we can provide a competitive quote to replace your panels.

Please note that smashed panels will not be covered by warranty. In this instance, Solargain will provide you with a reasonable panel replacement quote or assist you with an insurance claim if the impact is the result of storm damage.

How can I prevent damage to my solar panels?

We recommend that you keep your solar panels clean and have your solar power system checked and maintained once a year. This ensures that your system remains healthy and functional.

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