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cleaning panels

After installing your solar power system, it’s important to maintain it to ensure it keeps working safely and efficiently. Here are some tips on maintaining and cleaning solar panels.

The first and often only thing people think of to keep their system performing safely and efficiently is to get someone to come and clean their solar panels. Whilst cleaning your panels is sometimes required if excess dust, grit and droppings has accumulated on them, in most cases they clean themselves. What’s crucial to panel performance and safety is to check and maintain electrical components.

It’s recommended that you have your solar power system checked and maintained once a year. At Solargain, we’re available to conduct annual Solar Health Checks for anyone with solar power equipment – whether you originally installed with us or not. As part of this service; a qualified technician will visit your property and check the critical components of your solar inverter and solar panels.

Your equipment is tested to ensure it’s still performing normally and all equipment is thoroughly assessed for signs of wear or damage. In some cases, minor repairs can be made on the spot (such as replacing seals etc) and in all cases you’ll receive a report with inspection details and any suggestions by the Solargain Service Technician.

As part of the service, you can arrange for us to clean your solar panels as well – which is especially handy for people with panels that are hard to reach, if you live in an area prone to excess dust, grit and droppings, or if your solar panels are mounted on a low-pitch or flat roof.

Alternatively, if you wish to wash your solar panels yourself.

Cleaning Solar Panels

1. Remember, safety first. Some panels can be reached from the ground, but others require roof access. Don’t climb onto your roof unless you have the right safety equipment.


2. Refer to your product handbook for cleaning instructions. Depending on your panels, there might be specific cleaning recommendations.


3. Avoid cleaning your panels during the day as they can become extremely hot. Attend to your panels either in the morning or late afternoon, or pick a cooler, overcast day.


4. First try using your garden hose to get the job done (this is usually all that’s required). If a lot of dust and dirt has accumulated you can try soapy water as well as a squeegee with a long extension.


5. Don’t use metal objects or harsh abrasive products for removing caked on grit. If you scratch or cloud the glass on your solar panels, their performance can be negatively impacted.

A final consideration…

Unless you live in a highly pollutant/dusty area, or have panels mounted on a low-pitch or flat roof, the need to wash your solar panels is quite low. Most modern panels feature a hydrophobic coating that is resistant to debris. Unless you can see visible grit on the panels, water from rain will do most of the work to keep your panels clean.

For more information about booking a solar panel health check or to schedule yours, go to our maintenance page.