If you'd like to take full advantage of your Solar Edge inverters monitoring capabilities, refer to the written steps for how to reconnect your Solar Edge inverter to WiFi.

  1. Turn your inverter system off with the little toggle on the left hand side (I is ON / O if OFF).

  2. Go into the inverter menu – OK button – then press OK button and hold down for a few seconds until it asks for a password.

  3. Password is 12312312 (up arrow, down arrow, ok button, up arrow, down arrow, ok button, up arrow, down arrow).

  4. Scroll down to communication – OK button.

  5. Server – WiFi (if it is not set as WiFi, it will need to be selected first).

  6. Scroll down to WiFi conf – OK button.

  7. Go inside and press the WPS or Pairing button on your modem.

  8. Go back to your  inverter and scroll down to WPS mode – press OK button.

  9. Should auto find your modem and connect.

If your modem does not have a WPS button, you will need to go to 'Scan Network' rather than WPS mode. Wait for the inverter to scan available networks, select the correct network, and select OK. Enter your password, then press OK to apply it and connect to the network.


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