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4 reasons why solar power makes sense

So you’ve been weighing up whether to invest in solar power for a while now but still aren’t fully convinced? With compelling benefits like these, it really does make sense to switch to solar, and there has never been a better time.

Save money on your power bills

Choose a tailored solar power system that delivers maximum savings. *use the same amount of words to get this shmiko.

Add value to your home

As more Australians see the value of solar power, having a good quality solar power system on your roof adds instant desirability and value.

Utilise government incentives

There are still plenty of generous government incentives such as STCs and feed-in-tariffs which add up to thousands of dollars saved over the life of your system.

Protection against rising energy prices

The cost of power is expected to rise 40% over the next 10 years). By installing a solar power system in your home you will

Solargains carefully curated product range

Our product range comes from independently-rated suppliers and meets strict internal criteria.

Tier 1 quality Panels

Solargain only supply tier one solar panels with consistently high yields in reputable third party testing facilities like Photon and DKA.


The Worlds Best Inverters

Our inverters are from the world’s largest and most reputable manufacturers including Fronius, SMA and Enphase.

We choose these high quality systems because they are efficient, reliable and come with a generous warranty.

Battery Systems

Battery storage enables you to store the sun’s energy for when you need it most. Instead of exporting your unused power back onto the grid, you can save the power your solar panels produce to use at night.

Gain energy independence with one of our LiFePO4 or modular battery systems. Blackouts will be a thing of the past with a battery backing you up.

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Solargains Longevity Guarantee

In the event you experience an issue with your solar power system and the product manufacturer is unavailable to assist you, Solargain’s ‘Longevity Guarantee’ means we will make good or find an equivalent replacement for your system, within the original warranty period. Our ‘Longevity Guarantee’ offers the ultimate peace of mind.

Components covered

Years from installation date

Solar modules manufacturing defects

10 years

Solar modules performance

25 years

Solar Inverter

5 - 10 years


5 years

Mounting frame

10 years

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Terms & Conditions
Price when replacing old electric or gas hot water system. Subject to transfer of STCs / State & Fed Rebates to Solargain PV Pty Ltd. Price based on standard installation conditions for single storey dwellings, Perth metro price is subject to change without notice. Conditions apply *based off an average australian household.