Battery Storage Range


BYD stands for Build Your Dreams and was founded in 1995 in Shenzhen, China. They are currently the worlds largest producer of both rechargeable batteries and electric cars, but also produce a number of other products including solar PV modules, as well as electric LED lights, trains, monorails. They have recently made their residential solar energy storage system, the B-Box available here in Australia. While they have been producing solar modules and batteries for quite some time, they have only recently begun to create a significant presence in Australia.


BYD's solar energy storage system, the Battery Box Premium comes in two types, the HVS and the HVM, between the pair, they are able to offer a variety of energy capacities, thanks to the battery boxes modular design. Able to offer storage capacities from 5.1 kWh all the way up to 22.1 kWh, whatever your home's energy needs, the battery box can accommodate them.
Storage Features
  • High continuous output
  • High peak output
  • Adaptable design allows for the addition of greater capacity later
  • Compatible with most inverters