Ayres Composite Panels

“We have now completed a full 12 months with our 30kW solar installation. The payback period, allowing for depreciation, is working out at 3.6 years – which is very pleasing. In fact the projected payback time is getting shorter each time we receive a bill; because what we are charged per unit of electricity has increased about 30% during 2013, which increases the $ savings. Since installation I think we have saved approx. $16,500... ...Comparing our 2013 annual consumption of Alinta-supplied electricity, to 2012 figures, we used approx. 40% less units. Our general level of factory production in 2013 was similar to 2012, so we will have used similar total amounts of electricity in both years. The significant reduction in consumption of Alinta-supplied electricity can therefore be reliably assumed to be almost entirely due to the use of our own solar-generated electricity.”

Colin Ayres, Managing Director, Ayres Composite Panels