We used Solargain in 2015 to install a 3kW system at Yallingup, then again in 2018 to add another 1kW of PV. We have just used them again to upgrade the system to 8.59kW, replace the old (perfectly functioning) inverter with a 5kW Huawei, install a 10kWh Huawei battery and install blackout backup as the grid is a bit unreliable. The planning, communication and service on each occasion has been perfect, in particular from Leighton in head office. Our latest installation involved negotiations with Western Power over some voltage drop issues. This was also handled well with a good outcome (we are allowed to export limit to solve the issue- a big step from a usually inflexible state regulator).

The system is close to perfect. The Huawei inverter is simple and amazing, able to provide a full 5kW to the house while simultaneously charging the battery with whatever extra is available from the panels. The battery kicks in quickly to cover loads above the inverter's output so we are now averaging 99.5% self-sufficiency! This includes charging a fully electric car from a dedicated 15A outlet and liberal use of reverse cycle A/C during the hot days.

Also a shoutout to Green Wave Solar Dunsborough who did the installation. Professional, neat and very reliable, hard working team. This was a complex installation involving backup circuits which went without a hitch. They also came back on Saturday as rain had held them up. Brilliant.