Fiona Bates

Hi, we have just had our solar panels installed at our house. We chose Solargain as you were the only company who were willing to send someone to us to look at the house and advise the best options, other companies just used the aerial view mapping, also your price was the most competitive for the quality of products offered. The installation date was set from 4 weeks after initial acceptance, but we did get them installed earlier, Hannah from the office arranged for ACTPLA to come around and do the inspection very promptly unfortunately on the day arranged I had an emergency job come up at work, so we had to reschedule, this was not at all an issue for Hannah & it was arranged immediately. 2 days ago I got home and noticed the meter had been changed over, I called Hannah yesterday at about 12 pm to notify her, and she advised she would arrange for the electrician to come around and turn it all on, well my husband was pleasantly surprised when he got home last night at about 5 pm, and the electrician was just leaving.

All we have to say is this in AMAZING the service & speed that this was all done in is incredible, this team is an absolute asset to the SolarGain company. Also, I would like to make mention of the Electrical contractors who installed the panels, they were a) ontime, B) extremely courteous & c) nothing was too much of a drama, an example was that I mentioned I would prefer not to have conduit running up the side of my wall, the boss took this on board, and ensured that the cabling went through the internal cavity, the boys did have to work a little harder, but they did it without question, I would also like to make mention of the young apprentice, I don't remember his name now, but what a very polite, respectful young guy, he had put an extra texta marking on the wall and he was not prepared to leave until he cleaned it up, this is service that you generally do not get these days, I can not recommend SolarGain or the electrical installers more highly!!! THANK YOU!!!!