As a technical nerd, I researched heavily both the inverter, installer and battery solutions for my home. My major criteria were reliability, features and ability to add battery pack option for when grid down. The Fronius Symo was found to be the hands-down winner. Long warranty from long-lived company, offline ability, firmware upgradeable, data exportable, graph-able statistics from at home or overseas via the web on PC or phone. Next was to find a high-quality local installer that knew the product inside out and could answer the tough questions. After speaking to almost a dozen installers Solargain Malaga won hands down again. No question was too hard or skipped, experts were summoned when needed, no lies told, no hard sell. Post-install I was awaiting inline for a battery.

After being invited by Jeremy to your Battery seminar in Perth and attending I afterwards spoke to Karl and was assisted with the maths for why the Fronius system was great value for money in the long run. I went away and went through the maths (Depth of discharge, cycles, cell and build quality) and could see it was one of the best value for money battery on the market. The final clincher was the fact the Fronius batteries could output much higher peak current than the other batteries (less likely to trip). As a SMALL plus, it also keeps the system as an all in one brand. Your pre and post support including install staff are amazing and I hope you can personally thank them again for me. System: 5.4kW Panels 5kW Fronius Symo Hybrid Fronius Battery System (LiFePO4)