South Boulder Waste Water Treatment Plant

“Following consideration of the submissions and in accordance with the tender assessment criteria, the submission from Solargain is considered the highest quality of those received and most likely to result in the best outcome to the City. Solargain’s submission provided the highest level of savings to the city over a twenty five (25) year period (projected life of solar PV systems) as well as a comprehensive demonstrated understanding of project requirements which minimises potential risks associated with the project. ISO 9001 Quality Management System and AS 4801 Occupational Health and Safety System accreditation further reduces potential risks and Solargain’s proposed management, engineering and installation team have a proven local track record with ground mount and large solar PV system installations in WA. Solargain’s local branch in Kalgoorlie also means that employment will be generated within the City. Solargain was also the only company to offer management of the Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs) that will be created by this system, a service that would otherwise need to be performed by City Officers.” 

An excerpt from the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder Ordinary Meeting of Council agenda from January 20, 2014