20th Nov 2014
Australia Future
It seems to be a trademark of so many films set in the future to include beautifully minimal cityscapes, filled with people dressed in polyester and of course, the inevitable whooshing sound of electric vehicles effortlessly passing by. This classic futuristic scene usually assumes that electricity is the energy of choice, and sourced completely from renewables thank you very much. Whilst some of today’s nations are well on the road to revolutionising the way renewable energy powers their cities and people, others (like our own) are a little behind – nevertheless Australia has plenty of
5th Nov 2014
Store in Wangaratta
Solar Power Wangaratta has a new home, with the official opening of the Solargain Wangaratta network distribution centre. After months of careful research and planning, Solargain’s latest location is set to offer residents in Wangaratta solar power and solar panel options and service like never before. Aside from servicing the needs of locals from Wangaratta seeking solar power, the new distribution centre will help support solar power demand from rural residents in Benalla, Shepparton, Beechworth, Myrtleford and other surrounding regions. ‘The opening of the new Wangaratta network