27th Nov 2015
simple things you can do to help save the planet
We all know the weather is changing. Extreme conditions – from blistering heat and wild winds, to freezing cold and flooding seems to be occurring more than ever. You know that global warming has a lot to do with it, and though you care, you might also feel a little frustrated or powerless about making a change. What can one person do to help save the planet? Actually, quite a lot... We’ve compiled a list of pollution-punching, emission-crunching techniques you can start doing today to help ensure we’ve still got a planet to call home, tomorrow. 1. Support Green Businesses and Products You
11th Nov 2015
Solar Power Savings Over A Lifetime
Here’s an interesting fact: If you’d installed a Solargain system in January this year, you could have saved over $1500 in electricity bills by now * – just 11 months! The city you live in, weather conditions and your energy retailer agreement all affect this number – but the point is there are clear benefits of switching to solar, particularly over a lifetime. An average Solargain system that’s regularly maintained can easily last over 15 years; with the panels expected to endure for 20+. However, working out annual savings is not as simple as multiplying $1500 by 20. Lifetime savings from