27th May 2020
The Future of Electric Vehicle Charging
SolarEdge’s integrated EV Charging HD-Wave inverter is an extremely exciting piece of new technology, and we, here, at Solargain, were lucky enough to get one of the first beta models to reach Australia to trial!
14th May 2020
The History of Solar Energy
Solar is the word on so many people’s lips now. Renewables are the way of the future, and, with solar energy becoming more affordable, adaptable and powerful every day, that future is closer than ever! However, mankind’s history has been intertwined with the power of the sun since ancient times, and solar energy as we know it today has been around in some form or another far, far longer than you might have thought. Check out the infographic below for the overview, but read on for the full story. Ancient Times Most recently, and most excitingly, we have discovered that the old kingdom of Egypt
4th May 2020
7 ways to save money at home without going out
We are living in bizarre times. One that none of us thought we would ever live through. With many people left working at home, saving money has never been more important. So here are a couple of tips to help keep your wallet happy while you’re cooped up in the house. 7. Keep the groceries simple Now isn’t the time to buy truffles, fanciful spices, and other luxury items. There are plenty of ways to spice up your dishes on the cheap. So, stick to simple stuff for your groceries, the essentials, even if it means cutting back on chocolates and some of your favourites a little. 6. Get back to
4th May 2020
How to pick out quality solar from the pack
With solar only getting better and better, there’s never been a better time to go solar. But with so many providers out there, saying they’re the very best, it can be hard to know which way to go. That’s why we’re not going to tell you we’re the best, instead, we’re going to tell you what makes us different, you can decide for yourself if that makes us the solar provider you want to go solar with. Whichever solar company you explore, you should ensure they have points similar to these, to back up their claims of quality. The experience gained from installing solar for 25+ years Solar companies