23rd Jun 2020
History of Solar part 2: Sun Deities around the World
Last time on the history of solar, we talked about the wholly practical side of things. How humanity has made use of the sun’s power over the millennia. But there’s more to it than that; after all, legends, gods and myth have been a part of humanity’s history since the very beginning. Ever since we first started recording our history, the sun has been venerated as a deific force everywhere in the world.
10th Jun 2020
IKEA is going solar
Here at Solargain, we have always been so very passionate about making it easier for Australians to cut their bills and be more environmentally friendly through affordable and high-quality solar energy systems. That’s why we were excited that IKEA partnered with us to make solar energy more accessible than ever for Australians by developing SOLSTRÅLE. What is SOLSTRÅLE? SOLSTRÅLE is a home solar power system designed to specifically for your home and energy usage needs at an affordable price. There are also finance options available so that you can start saving money on your bills sooner
9th Jun 2020
Coming Soon - Fronius’ Innovative New Inverter
The people at Fronius were kind enough to gift us with one of their new Fronius GEN24 Plus Symo hybrid inverter beta models to trial, one of the first in Australia! This inverter represents an exciting step forward, not only for Fronius but the solar energy industry as a whole. It's already won itself two awards, gaining the PV home storage inspection award as well as the 2019 Plus X award for design, ease of use, functionality, and ecology.. Fronius has a reputation for creating some of the greatest solar inverters in the world, and they have proven that reputation as well deserved time and