19th Oct 2020
South Australia
Our offices in South Australia have been open for almost five years. But, ever since we opened our doors in Holden Hill, our focus in South Australia was exclusively upon the service arm of our business. This decision was made because of the rapid expansion of solar across South Australia several years before Solargain’s arrival there, due to fantastic feed-in tariffs. This was quickly followed by the foreclosure of many short-lived South Australian solar businesses that had arisen to take advantage of the boom, leaving their customers without anyone to support them in post-installation
12th Oct 2020
So you want to go off grid
Going off-grid is an appealing prospect for many people. With rising electricity prices, there are certainly obvious benefits to being able to produce and consume your own electricity. Especially in places with an unreliable connection to the grid, or areas so remote, there is no consistent grid available, there are definitely good reasons to consider a self-sufficient power system. But as appealing as it may sound, we would not advise this option to most people, unless you truly have no alternative. Generally, the only reason to go off-grid is if your home has no grid connection in the first
1st Oct 2020
Who's installing my solar?
Solargain is a large company and uses both internal installers as well as contractors to give our team greater flexibility and make our services available to more homes across Australia. Why do we use both internal installers and contractors? All homes are different, with their own unique characteristics. Our cohort of installers have different skill-sets, some quite specialised and this allows us to schedule the most experienced team with the skill-set most suited to the system being installed on your home. Will my warranty or support be different if my solar is installed by a contractor? It