28th Jan 2021
5 green ways to go back to school
Summer’s on its way out. At least it is for the kids. The holidays are coming to an end and soon they’ll be back at school, giving every parent across Australia a little bit of peace and quiet. Even if some regions of the nation are still conducting school remotely, they'll at least busy throughout the day with things other than video games, cricket, and making trouble. But with the new conditions people all across the world are getting used to, now’s a great time to make a shift towards more environmentally friendly practices. Here are a few suggestions from the team here at Solargain to make
4th Jan 2021
Australian solar rebate changes 2021
You might have seen a lot of talk in solar energy news recently about the decreasing solar rebate. Yet, it can be difficult to make proper sense of what this all means. After all, calling it a rebate is actually a little bit of a misnomer on its own. While called an Australian Solar Rebate, this, in reality, refers to the number of STCs the installer will receive upon installation of the system, STC meaning Small-scale Technology Certificate. Generally, installers (Solargain included) will deduct the total value of the STCs you will receive automatically as part of our prices, so you don’t