27th May 2021
Commbank Green Loan
What is it? Commbank has recently announced that they’ll be making a fantastic green loan available for their customers. We’re over the moon about this, because green loans are a fantastic way for those who might not otherwise be able to access solar to add systems to their home. More than that, thanks to how the loan is set up, we’re able to offer a truly cash flow positive battery package for those taking advantage of it. The Commbank Green Loan is a 0.99% PA loan with a 10-year fixed-rate, no establishment, service or additional payment fees and a minimum loan of $5,000 or a maximum of $20
6th May 2021
Calculating your return on your Solar Investment in 2021
Investing in solar is a big decision. After all, we can admit that solar is no small purchase, though it has become substantially more affordable over the years, and green-loan finance is now available. But when looking at that cost, you also need to consider just how quickly that cost will be returned to you in savings. Since after that point, your solar energy system has paid for itself, and now all the savings it generates is just money in your pocket! It’s much quicker than you might think. To get a basic idea of how much you can save with solar you can use our solar calculator, but today