July 2021 Blog Archive

26th Jul 2021
The ACT sustainable household scheme
The Australian Capital Territory state government has established themselves as forerunners to the solar energy revolution, offering a variety of schemes to help their residents install solar energy technologies. Their latest initiative is the Sustainable Household Scheme, offering interest free loans of $2,000 up to $15,000. Open across a number of technologies, including solar energy systems and solar energy storage units, this scheme is a fantastic way for residents to install a solar energy system. With ACT’s particularly high energy prices, the savings homeowners will enjoy from their
26th Jul 2021
Everything you need to know about STC's
The price of STC’s play an important role in determining the deals that a solar retailer is able to offer their customers. Read on to learn more about what they are, and how we, and other solar retailers, calculate them to offer you better prices. What are STCs? The solar industry benefits from a government incentive called the ‘Renewable Energy Target’ (RET). Under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, households and businesses with solar power systems up to 100kW, receive Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) for every megawatt hour of renewable energy generated or displaced by an

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