24th Nov 2021
What does a true all-black panel look like?
When considering solar for their homes, an important consideration for many is how it’s going to look on their rooftop. Is it going to be in-keeping with their home’s aesthetics, or are the panels going to be obvious, disruptive, and ugly. This has seen the rise of the highly praised all-black panels. After all, many people have black roof-tops, and even if they don’t, a black panel is sure to look sleek and aesthetically pleasing.
4th Nov 2021
Sunpower's Solar Achievements
Those considering solar energy for their home should always take the time to understand the companies behind the products, find out what accolades they possess and whether or not they’re right for your solar installation. Well, SunPower, one of our most trusted manufacturers, have a number of amazing achievements to their name, awesome projects they’ve worked on that act as testament to their quality. After all, when organisations like NASA trust them for the durability and efficiency of their solar modules, you can be pretty confident you can too. The Solar Stratos SunPower Maxeon panels were