29th Jul 2022
Best solar batteries of 2022
Choosing the right solar battery can be difficult. So many terms get thrown your way, AC vs DC coupled, battery capacity, round-trip efficiency, depth of discharge. Unless you’re already a battery guru, it’s hard to know what it all means, and just as hard to make the right choices based on them. That’s why we decided to make this article, breaking down not just what we consider the best batteries available, but the best ones for different circumstances. If you’re adding a battery to an existing solar energy system, it’s important to know whether or not your inverter is a Hybrid inverter i.e
12th Jul 2022
The Do’s and Don’ts of panel maintenance
A common question we receive from our customers is how best to go about cleaning their panels, and whether or not it’s something they can do themselves. So here’s a guide of the key do’s and don’ts of cleaning your panels
4th Jul 2022
Beat Rising Power Bills with Evergen!
Evergen Battery Optimisation is free for the lifetime of your battery system and requires no additional hardware to install. Evergen takes into consideration when you consume your electricity, the weather, your predicted solar production and your electricity tariff, enabling your battery to perform smarter.