Whether you’re north or south of the river, on the coast or further east, we’re happy to help! Read on to see what solar specials are available for your home or get in touch with our team today to learn more about solar.

Special offers in Perth

6.6kW Solar
Autumn Sale Ribbon
Special Includes
440W N-type Tier 1 solar panels with 30 year warranty
Solis 5kW Series Inverter
Single-phase properties
Special Locality
Want solar but not sure if you need a battery yet? With this powerful 6.6kW solar power system with monitoring to optimise your energy savings!
from $3,690*
iStore Hybrid inverter & batteries
iStore Great Giveaway
Special Includes
5kW iStore Hybrid inverter (Battery-Ready)
6.6kW Dual-Glass Bifacial Solar Panels
Special Locality
Start saving with this 6.6kW iStore solar package and add-on other iStore products to boost your savings even further!
6.6kW Solar - from $4,690
Optional Add-ons:
iStore Smart Meter, iStore Battery, iStore Heat Pump
iStore EV Charger (coming soon)
Fronius GEN24 Wattpilot BYD
Qantas Frequent Flyer badge
Special Includes
Fronius GEN24 inverter
6.5kW Solar Panels
Fronius Wattpilot HOME EV Charger
Fronius Smart Meter
BYD Battery-Box Premium (optional)
Special Locality
TAKE CHARGE with Fronius! Power your home with solar power and charge-up a battery or electric vehicle. Fronius has a future-proof solution for you.
6.5kW Solar & EV Charger - From $8,590
Add Battery - From $8,290
Solar Battery
Solargain Blackout Protection
Special Includes
Range of batteries on offer:
iStore Battery
Sungrow SBR
BYD Battery-Box HVM/HVS
SolarEdge Energy Bank
Tesla Powerwall
Enphase IQ
Special Locality
If you already have a solar system in Perth and want to protect yourself from rising power prices, you can store and save more with a solar batteries.
From $15 per week!*