Fronius Wattpilot
Two charging modes (Eco & Next Trip)
Intelligent charging to increase savings
Anti-theft protection and usage control
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Charging Current
6A to 32A (1-phase or 3-phase)
1-Phase or 3-Phase
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The Fronius Wattpilot is an intelligent electric car charger that utilises energy from your own PV system to charge your vehicle, in combination with seeking out and charging from the grid at the lowest price.

Two Versions

The Fronius Wattpilot comes in two versions - Go & Home.

Go: The transportable charging solution for when you're on the road. 

Home: The permanent & fitted option for use at home. 

Both versions offer intelligent and flexible charging with two different modes:

Eco Mode: Uses a combination of surplus PV energy and grid-energy.

Next Trip Mode: Charges your electric car for a specific amount of kilometers using either PV surplus solar power or power from the grid at the cheapest tariffs available.


  • Safety & Control: Secure access to the Wattpilot can be acheived by a RFID chip or card and you can create up to ten user profiles per Wattpilot. The Fronius Wattpilot and type 2 charging cable are valuable and therefore need to be protected. The anti-theft protection includes a shackle for the Wattpilot and locking option for the type 2 charging cable. 
  • Flexibility: Can be used with any electric car, so you can continue to use the Wattpilot if you change your car in the future. 
  • Intelligent Charging: The Wattpilot can automatically switch between 1 and 3-phases and can regulate the power in small increments. This allows for optimum use to be made from surplus PV energy and avoids load peak while still reliably supplying power to your home.
  • Dynamic Load Balancing: Allows for current distribution and can charge up to three electric cars at the same time and in an energy-optimised manner. 
  • Full Integration: The Wattpilot can be easily integrated into Fronius Solar.web app. This give you a complete overview of your PV system and enables monitoring of self-generated solar energy. 
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