25th May 2016
liberal vs labor
You’ve probably heard by now that the 2016 Federal Election is set to take place on Saturday June 2. And if you hadn’t heard, no doubt you will be bombarded with campaign messages from the major parties soon enough. As always, both the Labor and Liberal parties will do their best to convince the country why their plan for Australia is best – and of course, why their opponents’ is not. Who you decide to vote for (assuming you’re choosing between the two big parties) will come down to a mix of personal preference and prejudice. But since you’re reading this blog, we’re going to bet that the
17th May 2016
tarif increase
As of July 1, 2016 electricity charges are set to Increase by 3% In WA becoming more expensive for Western Australian homeowners and businesses. The WA State Government announced a 3% increase to the Home Plan (A1) electricity tariff as part of their 2016-17 state budget. The increase applies to most residents and businesses supplied by Synergy, as well as those outside the South West who are customers of Horizon Power. Aside from this price increase, the Budget forecasts further price hikes of 7% over the next three years, meaning power bills will become increasingly hard to manage for many
13th May 2016
Solar Hot Water-Comparing Systems
Solar hot water systems are pretty great. Not only can they slash your electricity costs by a significant margin, but they add value to your property and contribute to a greener planet – and that’s a good feeling. But comparing solar hot water systems, and choosing from the countless brands and products available can be tricky. Before Solargain became one of the largest suppliers of solar panels in Australia, we were exclusively a hot water company. Our roots stretch back to 1995 as a one-man plumbing business which, over the years, has grown rapidly thanks to quality products and workmanship
5th May 2016
Choosing the Right Solar Panel for You. Cheap vs Expensive.
It’s an age-old question that impacts many buying decisions – should I fork out for premium quality or settle for the cheaper option? When it comes to solar panels although they all look similar, they are not created equally – therefore we recommend doing your research. Pay special attention not only to the price, but more importantly to the quality of the solar panels. Also, research the manufacturer and provider because a 25 year warranty is only as strong as the company backing it. Here are 6 things to consider when choosing your solar panels. The Three Tiers of Quality There are three