22nd Feb 2019
Grid Voltage
Recent changes in regulation have caused many solar installations to undergo grid voltage issues. After a tricky period during which we have had to go back to some installations a few times to fine-tune, network operators have been very pro-active in fixing the voltage issues that were causing the problems, and the worst is now comfortably behind us. High grid voltages make for inverter outages When you are producing more power than you are using, your inverter needs to send some power back to the grid. In order for a solar inverter to return power to the grid, it must put out a higher voltage
15th Feb 2019
SA Home Battery Scheme
South Australians - Want to Save Thousands on A Solar PV Battery in Your Home? If you’ve been thinking about installing a Solar PV Battery in your South Australian home, now is the time to act. The South Australian State Government are offering subsidies and loans to assist homeowners in paying for their home battery systems, potentially saving you thousands on a solar PV battery installation – not to mention the countless number of benefits that will come from installing a solar PV battery in your home, overtime. Here’s everything you need to know about the South Australian Home Battery
7th Feb 2019
Solargain Service Department
Did you know Solargain’s team has 12 Customer Liaison Officers to handle all post-install enquiries. Plus three additional staff to handle all warranty claims! We pride ourselves on training our staff to handle an array of challenging questions you might have about your system after it’s been installed so that we can best support you as a new solar owner. We also use dedicated service solar electricians to ensure you get a speedy and informed resolution should any issues arise. Our service department handle enquiries about: Grid voltage related issues Battery and monitoring enquiries Online