16th Aug 2021
Growatt, the #1 International Inverter Manufacturer
In 2020, only a decade after they first opened their doors, Growatt has become the world’s #1 inverter manufacturer by residential installations, claiming 16.6% percent market share worldwide. This report comes from the latest IHS Markit PV report, and represents a massive, undeniable achievement for Growatt. We couldn’t be more proud of Growatt. After all, we’ve stocked their products for years and have a fantastic working relationship with them. Many Australians struggle with warranty claims with international manufacturers. Meanwhile Growatt treats the people of Australia well, they have a
9th Aug 2021
The New SunPower Performance 3 AC Solar Panels
New to the market, the SunPower Performance 3 AC panels can pass power straight to your home. These panels include a factory in-built microinverter, which regulates the panel independent of the rest of the system, and converts the electricity to AC before passing it directly to your home. This presents a unique opportunity for homeowners with small or unconventionally shaped roofs, who want to reap the benefits of solar. As each panel acts as its own system, new installation opportunities open up for homeowners with small or oddly shaped roofs. This allows for far more customisable solar