21st Mar 2022
Ethical businesses practices in Solar
Recently, Infinite Energy announced that they would be exiting PV (operational), and will be focusing on other opportunities and markets. As a long-time competitor of theirs, this was disappointing to see, as it reflects on the misdirection and poor practices utilised by many companies in the industry that could lead to an ethical and reputable company like Infinite Energy to be unable to keep pace. Infinite Energy chief executive officer Andrew Sutherland described the issue in his announcement, saying that; “While the Western Australia (WA) solar market continues to add rooftop solar
14th Mar 2022
How flooding can affect your solar energy system and what to do
Terrible flooding is affecting much of the East Coast and our hearts go out to everyone currently impacted by the flood. We would like to assist by offering practical advice in relation to the safety of your solar PV system, for when the water subsides and you are able to return home. Electrical systems of any sort and water do not mix, and solar PV systems are no different. If there is any possibility that your switchboard, solar inverter, solar battery, accessories such as isolators, or in extreme cases, if your roof and PV array were submerged during the flooding then safety should be your
10th Mar 2022
Benefits of the Next Gen Energy Storage Program
One of the best reasons to invest in solar energy in Australia is the number of rebates and incentives offered by state governments. There are few places where this is more true than in the ACT.