Submitted by Andrew on Thu, 10/03/2022 - 14:12
Benefits of the Next Gen Energy Storage Program

One of the best reasons to invest in solar energy in Australia is the number of rebates and incentives offered by state governments. These government initiatives are different for each state but all of them help lower the cost of solar, and in doing so, decrease the buy-back period of the system and increase the savings. There are few places where this is more true than in the ACT.

The ACT government offers a number of incentives to assist homeowners and businesses in acquiring solar energy, but one of the best they offer is undeniably the Next Gen Energy Storage Program.

What is the Next Gen Energy Storage Program?

This program allows those eligible to access a rebate of up to $3,850, or up to half the price of the battery. With battery prices lower than ever, this makes it even easier to install a solar energy storage system and start fighting back against rising power prices.

Who is eligible for the Next Gen Energy Storage Program?

This rebate is available to homes and businesses throughout the ACT (excluding Jervis Bay territory). For a battery to be eligible for the rebate, it must be part of a larger solar energy system, connected to the grid, and must be a new system not previously supported by the program.

Can this be combined with other incentives?

It can! You can combine the Next Gen Energy Storage Program with a loan as part of the Sustainable Household Scheme, to make it even easier to get a battery installed in your home. The Sustainable Household Scheme allows ACT homeowners to gain access to interest-free loans of up to $15,000 for the purchase of renewable energy products, such as a solar energy system.

Why install a battery?

Batteries offer a number of fantastic benefits to solar energy users. After all, energy drawn from the grid is at its most expensive during the evening, when everyone is home and using appliances. That means if you save the solar energy generated during the day to use during the evening, you’ll be saving far more than if you had let that energy be exported to the grid.

In the past, the high-cost of batteries meant they were not always a practical investment for every home. Now however, with the number of fantastic incentives available, as well as the continually rising efficiencies of batteries, coupled with their falling prices and increasing power prices means now is the best time ever to consider them.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of batteries, or how batteries work, we have a number of articles about these topics, and others such as why you would add them to your home, which you can read here. Or if you’d like to consider a solar battery for your home, fill out the form below and our team will be in touch.