Tesla is well-known all over the world for their advancements in various technological fields, from electric cars to lithium-ion technology, to solar energy storage systems. Though perhaps their most immediately recognisable fields of activity are in cars and spacecraft, their work in solar energy storage systems has been just as noteworthy.

With an astonishing installation record of over 95 MWh of grid-connected batteries, they're taking huge steps towards their goal of a fully sustainable future. We couldn't be prouder to be with them on that mission, and our commitment to this shared goal is why Tesla has given us the status of Premium Certified Installer, a title we were more than happy to receive.

Their batteries utilise similar batteries to what is used in the Tesla Roadsters, so you can be confident it’s leveraging all of Tesla’s experience in such systems towards ensuring that it is safe, practical, and efficient.


Usable Energy Capacity: 13.5kWh
Now with backup, it’s no coincidence Tesla Powerwall is the home storage product everyone’s talking about. Its advanced technology, stunning design and easy installation makes it the perfect choice for homeowners looking to invest in their future.  

Product Features:

  • Increase solar-power self-consumption
  • Inbuilt inverter
  • Loadshifting capabilities

Product Warranty

  • 10 Years
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