Solar Power for Sydney Homes

Solar savvy Sydney residents are beating rising electricity prices by harnessing the sun’s energy to power their homes. Isn’t it time you made the switch to solar too? Solargain Sydney is your trusted, local solar provider with a wealth of experience installing, servicing and repairing a wide range of solar equipment.
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Solar power packages for Sydney and New South Wales

When choosing a solar provider it makes sense to shop around. While price is an important consideration, you also need to weigh up the longevity of the products and the reputation of the company installing your system.

Solargain has been around for years and in that time we have built direct relationships with top solar manufacturers to secure the best deals for our Sydney and greater NSW customers.

Our range of solar power packages are designed to cater for a variety of Sydney households. However, if you need help deciding on the best one for your home, visit which system is right for me.

If you’d like to lower your power bills even more, talk to us about the benefits of solar hot water and have a look at our solar hot water packages.

Why Sydney residents should switch to solar power

Over 348,000 households across New South Wales have installed solar panels to help save on electricity bills and improve their environmental efficiency. With clear, sunny days dominating Sydney’s weather patterns, it makes sense to switch to solar.

How much can you save by installing solar power in Sydney?

When gauging how much money and power you’ll save by installing solar panels on the roof of your Sydney home, the following points will have an impact on your individual system:

  • the angle your solar panels are positioned in
  • their orientation
  • the amount of shade present; and
  • the way your household consumes power.

However, the figures below offer an estimate of the savings you can experience if you go solar in Sydney and consume 70% of the energy you produce with your solar power system.

System Size Annual Financial Savings
2 kW $690
3 kW $1,039
5 kW $1,736
10 kW $3,472

What type of solar power system should I install if I live in Sydney?

Australia’s unpredictable weather patterns can really put solar systems to the test. Sydney’s high summer temperatures and freezing winter temperatures mean your panels need to be built tough. Solargain recommends brands that have been designed to withstand the harshest conditions, such as JinkoSolar, Q CELLS and SunPower (for solar panels) and SMA, Fronius and Zeversolar (for inverters).

We also recommend you choose products that are supported by Australian-based service teams for repairs and warranty claims.

Solargain and Sydney

Don’t waste your time on inferior products or incompetent installers. Choose Solargain for genuine customer service, years of experience and quality products. Our Sydney team will take the time to determine the best solar power system for your needs and will happily answer your questions along the way. Contact us today.


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